Welcome from the Executive Director

Welcome Friends,

I am so glad you have decided to visit our website. I am very excited about all the wonderful things that we do and who we are here at MOMS Canada. It’s my pleasure to be able to share that with you.

I love that we are able to help so many different mothers and their children in so many different ways. This can look like a phone call, a visit in the office, a mom dropping into one of our programs, or being mentored by one of our fabulous volunteers. Some women need ongoing help, while others may just need a listening ear during a crisis, or perhaps a referral to a community resource. It’s not just the women, the children also are impacted. Impacted by their mothers getting support and becoming healthier, but also by getting together with other children in our programs. At one of our Empowering MOMS groups I was watching the children play and I was struck by the fact that they are supporting each other and having fun doing it.

In essence we are about loving people and our community is filled with volunteers who do just that. We are passionate about empowering mothers and their children and helping them achieve their dreams in life. The truth is the women we help, inspire us with their tenacity, beauty, vulnerability and strength. They often do not see this in themselves, but it’s true, and if we can help them discover this and believe in themselves than we get to bear witness to something truly beautiful and transformational.

This is a gift that all us at MOMS Canada are grateful to be apart of.

Allyson Relf
Executive Director