MOMS Canada was founded in 2009, as a non-profit organization with the purpose of supporting single moms and their children. Though motherhood is one of life’s greatest rewards, parenting alone can be very stressful. Mothers who do not have caring and consistent support in their lives often find themselves feeling isolated, discouraged and stuck. MOMS Canada was birthed in order to help these women not just survive but thrive.

Founder, Meda Weir saw this need and decided to start MOMS Canada based out of the Parkland area in Alberta with the goal of  helping single mothers and their children. She modeled MOMS Canada after a charity in St. Paul Minnesota called M.O.M.S Minnesota, a charity that had already been helping single moms since the early 1980’s. Her dream was to see these families cared for and becoming successful. Since MOMS Canada has been founded it has been growing steadily and continues to help hundreds of women and their children every year.

MOMS Canada began with the intention to walk alongside moms and to help support, encourage and believe in them. The mentorship program has been the heart of our programs and has been growing since the beginning. We also recognized that moms needed to connect with each other and in 2010 MOMS Night Out was established. Since then there have been many more programs and events, but there are two favourites that still happen yearly, our Children’s Christmas party and MOMS Gala. The gala is a big event in December where our moms dress up and are celebrated.

The MOMS Connect Program was established in 2015 with the goal of gathering single moms together for a group visit and play time for the children. That same year we introduced an inclusive program where any mom could come and receive education and support, the Empowered MOMS program.  Facilitators cover helpful topics such as budgeting, parenting and healthy cooking.

The struggles that single moms face are not isolated to our regional area, so we do our best to be available to answer questions and offer assistance where possible. We get many calls for help from across the country. Our team supports them by simply listening or providing resource information to address their immediate needs. With an ever increasing number of calls from the Edmonton area there was clearly a need to expand to West Edmonton. In 2015 MOMS Canada decided to launch a pilot program to serve specific needs in this area.

As a team, it has been rewarding to see how many lives has been touched by the important work of MOMS Canada.