Stony Plain MLA, Erin Babcock

Stony Plain MLA, Erin Babcock, announced more than $50,000 in funding for two Stony Plain organizations that will be used to improve programming and facility services at the Family Connections Centre.

Two Stony Plain organizations received a helping hand from the provincial government last Friday as Stony Plain MLA Erin Babcock announced more than $50,000 in local funding.

Babcock was at the Stony Plain Family Connections Centre on May 19 to present grant funding to MOMS Canada and the Alberta Parenting for the Future Association (APFA) on behalf of the provincial government. Babcock awarded $8,000 to MOMS Canada through the Alberta government’s community initiatives program and $51,621 to APFA through the community facility enhancement program.

“I had the privilege to present grant cheques to two amazing organizations in Stony Plain,” said Babcock in a post on her official Facebook page. “Projects and organizations such as these thrive when supported by the community.”

MOMS Canada, an organization that helps single mothers achieve success in their lives, said the $8,000 they received through the grant will be used to help improve and increase the programming they offer in Stony Plain.

“Our hopes are that this funding will help grow our two programming options,” said MOMS Canada program manager Madison Ting. “The first program is our empowered moms program which is an education-based program that works on skill building and offers workshops on relevant topics that single mothers need to know. We do everything from helping them learn how to cook healthy meals to debt reduction.”

The second program the funding will be used for is what MOMS Canada calls their “moms connect” program.

“One thing that single moms often suffer from is a disconnection from other adults that can lead to isolation and depression. We want to build a program that offers a place for single moms to come and bring children and be part of the community,” said Ting.

APFA will be using the $51,621 they received in conjunction with $25,000 they also received as a donation from the Stony Plain Rotary Club for renovations to their facility. That combined total of $76,621 will be used to help fund kitchen renovations at the Family Connections Centre. The APFA will also be contributing $26,621 from its own budget to the effort.

Pamela Geddes, the APFA executive director, said the renovations have been a long time coming. In 2015, when the group leased the building, they were informed that the kitchen was not up to code and would need to be renovated.

“When we originally moved into the space, the development permit excluded the kitchen because it needed to be brought up to code. This grant is to do that,” said Geddes.

Once completed, Geddes said the new kitchen will improve the service the APFA offers as well as that of other organizations that operate in the building.

“We’ll use the kitchen to offer services like community kitchen for families. The Parkland Head Injury Association can offer their group a kitchen space. Clubs and organizations can rent it. Basically, the outcome we’re looking for is to raise the awareness of nutrition and healthy cooking, eating and living,” she said.

SOURCE: Spruce Grove Examiner